Because of this, Marmonie signature furniture complements are unique pieces, each with a refined charm, yet perfect in their dissimilarity. In customizing your piece, you can choose materials from those selected below or recommend a new material to our artisans, who will be happy to shape it to your specifications.


A masterpiece is half the work of the person making it and half the merit of the materials used

Marmonie’s craftsmen select only certified raw materials on sight, which can ensure the perfect execution of the workmanship and a performance that lives up to the client’s wishes.


Bianco Carrara

The Bianco Carrara, from the best quarries in Tuscany., is the natural stone traditionally used in ornamental works. Its background color, pearly white, together with veins with a more or less dark hue, give this marble a dipregious appearance. The possibility of performing any processing on this stone, then, ensures a high capacity of customization of the commissioned work.

Lava Stone

La Pietra lavica è una pietra naturale proveniente dalla cave della Sicilia, often used for ornamental purposes. Its dark color, which makes it precious and elegant, combined with its robust and heat-resistant qualities, make it a particularly suitable stone for making ornaments and tools for the kitchen, where it is not afraid of food stains, and for the bathroom.

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Egyptian Yellow

The Egyptian Yellow, also often called Egypt Yellow, Sahara Yellow or Atlantis Yellow, is a natural stone, which is characterized by its yellow color. Depending on the area of origin, and the stratification and sedimentation of sandy rocks, this marble has different shades of yellow. The elevated workability of this natural material makes it possible to obtain any type of ornamentation. The more or less warm color, depending on the origin, will give elegance to the environment where it will be placed.

Absolute Black

The Absolute Black, also known as Zimbabwe Black or Pretoria Black, is a granite-more correctly a gabbro-that presents an intense black coloration, speckled with gray or darker still crystals. His excellent skills in resistance, make it perfect for making kitchen ornaments and for the bathroom. The intense dark color, on the other hand, will contribute to the refinement to the environment.


Guatemalan Green

Guatemalan Green is a marble that, in spite of its name, is mainly quarried from India. It is distinguished by its intense shades of green, ranging from emerald to black, through white veins that give it luster. Precisely because of the appeal of its coloring, Guatemalan Green is used for both indoor and outdoor coverings, but, even more often, it is found in works of art precisely because of its extreme sophistication.

Red Verona

Red Verona marble is a marble typically quarried in Italy, showing a red coloration of varying intensity. Its name is due precisely to the presence of quarries in the Lessini Mountains area in the province of Verona. Precisely for this reason, regular use of this valuable material was made in the surrounding area to adorn homes and places of cult , often as flooring, and for valuable works of art, the memory of which is still preserved today.

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