Marmonie Gift Card Regulations of Marmonie

Art. 1 – Eligibility and Purchase

  1. The Marmonie Gift Card of Marmonie (hereinafter  “Gift Card”)is a scaled card that can only be purchased online
  2. The Gift Card is available in different face values.

Article 2 – Recipients.

  1. The Gift Card can be purchased by all Customers, whether they are individuals who are 18 years  of  age or older at the time of purchase and/or legal entities.

Art. 3 – Method  of  Use

  1. The Gift Card is issued to bearer and is not registered. Therefore, it can be used to make purchases by anyone in possession of it. Marmonie assumes no responsibility in case  of  use of the Gift Card by of  unauthorized third parties.
  2. The Gift Card can be activated, at the Client’s discretion and at no additional cost, in the virtual shopping cart of the website

Article 4 – Validity and Use.

  1. The Gift Card is valid  for 12 months from the date  of  issue
  2. The Gift Card can be used exclusively at
  3. The Gift Card can be used to purchase one or more products available

Article 5 – Limitations  on  use

  1. The Gift Card is not reloadable, redeemable or convertible to cash.
  2. The Gift Card cannot be used to purchase other Gift Cards.
  3. The Gift Card may not be used, for advertising purposes or of other nature not specified in these Rules, unless expressly authorized by Marmonie. Any misuse of the Gift Card will be prosecuted according to the laws of Italy.

Art. 6 – Partial or Cumulative Use.

  1. The Gift Card can be used for partial payments, with any balance paid through other methods accepted by Marmonie. Any remaining credit will still remain available on the card until it is fully utilized or until the card expires, as stipulated in Art. 4.1.

Article 7 – Damage, Loss or Theft.

  1. The Customer is required to responsibly store the Gift Card in order to prevent its damage, loss or theft.
  2. In case of damage, loss or theft, the Client is required to promptly notify Marmonie by sending an e-mail to
  3. In any case, Marmonie assumes no responsibility in case of damage, loss or theft of the Gift Card itself.

Art. 8 – Technical Issues

  1. In case of technical problems, Marmonie provides its technical service to identify, as quickly as possible, a resolution. To activate the procedure, an e-mail must be sent to the address

Article 8 – Amendments or Communications

  1. Marmonie reserves the right to change, upon notice, the terms of these Rules.
  2. Changes will be communicated through the website

Article 9 – Forum of Jurisdiction

  1. All conditions set forth in these Regulations are subject to Italian law.
  2. For any dispute, the court of Salerno has exclusive jurisdiction.



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